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Trustees are the life-blood of a charity. They are the people who make the decisions which affect the day to day running of the organisation, and plan the activities which need to happen for the charity to achieve its aims and objectives working within the Charity Commission guidelines.

HNA’s trustees, and their roles, as at February 2020, are:

  • Lesley Griffiths – Chair and DBS officer
  • Kathy Robinson – Vice Chair and Fund Raiser
  • Randy Banks –  TBA
  • Anne Daniels – Bookings Officer
  • Paul Huntley – Training and Scouting.
  • Loraine Grainger – D of E.Trainer PR
  • Andy Steel – Tech adviser, Trainer
  • Graham Griffiths – Volunteer Controller, IT, Line Manager & Office Manager
  • Barry Holland – PR
  • Daphne Smith - Without portfolio
  • David Yeo - Membership/Contacts Secretary

In addition to the above, we also have a Project Manager who oversees HNA on a day to day basis along with a number of other short-term staff and volunteers:

  • Dave Wright – Project Manager, NCBA Training

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