Trustees are the life-blood of a charity. They are the people who make the decisions which affect the day to day running of the organisation, and plan the activities which need to happen for the charity to achieve its aims and objectives working within the Charity Commission guidelines.

HNA’s trustees, and their roles, as at February 2022, are:

  • Kathy Robinson – Chairman and Fund Raiser
  • Elaine Griffiths – Vice Chair, IT, & Office/Bookings Manager
  • Dave Wright – Project Manager, NCBA Training
  • Madurika Walsh – Treasurer 
  • Paul Huntley –  Secretery. 
  • Anne Daniels – 
  • Ash Martin - General Maintenance, Scouting, DofE
  • Robert Paulden  - Safegaurding  

Others whoe have a role within HNA

  •   Wendy Pursey. DBS
  •   Floyd Spencer - Caretaker